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Since COVID-19 lock-down began I've been writing a daily wellness blog to help lift one's spirit through these unprecedented times.  These are messages from the heart which may or may not resonate with you.  Click on the Facebook icon to access the page.

Creative, Transformational Wellness Workshops

Intuitively designed to support  mental health and wellbeing, I have created these workshops drawing from my own personal experiences within the realms of grief, loss, and mental wellbeing. I'm an ordinary person with a desire to help  other ordinary people who may be struggling, find tools that enable them to express, release, and let go of that which is not for their highest good.

Suited to small  gatherings of 5 to a maximum of 12 participants, these  wellness workshops apply combinations of the expressive forms of creativity - writing, art, poetry, and music, as healing 'tools' designed to open up pathways towards enabling inner healing, within a safe, supportive, gentle, trusting, and respectful group environment.  

Participants are invited to share and explore as much or as little of any  inner turmoil they may be struggling with, discover tools to put in their 'tool box' of self healing, and through creative expression enabled to release and let go some of  the stuff they carry when they feel comfortable to do so.  The intention of these workshops is to help support, restore and empower SELF.

Workshop 1:  Healing with words 

This workshop uses the written word and art as creative tools to explore and express one's inner journey related to the challenges of depression, anxiety, and other issues that affect mental health and well-being and decreased sense of self-esteem. It is designed to give participants 'tools of empowerment' that will enable them to raise self awareness,  self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.

Workshop 2:  Between what you feel & what you hear

This workshop allows and enables participants to explore and express individual turmoil, releasing, letting go, and healing through creative writing and song.

Participants are encouraged to explore their life journey, particularly areas that they feel challenged by and continue to struggle with.  Through mind-mapping, they allow their experiences to emerge, and in doing so empower themselves through expressing in written word all their angst, and by applying the principals and techniques of songwriting, transform their 'story' into lyric, song, spoken word, and recorded work.


Workshops generally run for 2 hours with a 30 minute interval, however they may be designed to meet individual/group needs.

All enquiries welcome

E:  june@junehayes.co.nz

Organisations who have engaged these workshops:

Toi Ora Live Arts Trust, Auckland

Dayspring Trust, New Lynn, Auckland