June Hayes   
Singer | Songwriter | Lyricist | Writer| Poet | Producer | Wellness 


June's album 'Journey for the return home' is living proof that being a songwriter isn't necessarily defined by having the ability and knowledge of how to write music, or being able to play a musical instrument.  The songwriter in June manifests itself in her ability to create musical ideas that can be put into a written form through collaboration with musicians who are skilled composers/arrangers.

"Sometimes a tune will pop into my head first, or a set of lyrics will start to take shape. Sometimes both lyrics and music will arrive at once.   Whatever way it happens, if the musical idea repeatedly 'springs to mind' that then becomes the catalyst for me to follow through".

The final track on her album entitled 'Tangaroa' came to mind in the early hours of the morning when June was walking along Stanmore Bay beach in Whangaparoa.  She carried the tune around in her head for almost three and a half years, with the idea that it would capture the calm, rise, and fall of the sea through the course of a day.  It would build to a crescendo that listeners could easily identify with - the sea in its whipped up frenzy, then fall away to a tranquil quiet at the end of day.  

After experiencing celebrations surrounding the arrival of the Pacific Voyagers fleet of waka arriving in Tahiti in 2012, and in acknowledging her whakapapa and ancestoral connections to the 'first fleet that crossed the great water mountain from Hawaiki to Aotearoa,  June wanted this composition to capture the sheer brute strength and feeling of paddles pulling through the ocean.

Since 2013 June has been writing and recording another collection of original tunes, one of which will be released during 2018 in Te Reo Maori.

By gaining an understanding of what inspired a particular set of lyrics to be written, June will create musical ideas for consideration and follow through with collaborative composition.