June Hayes   
Singer | Songwriter | Lyricist | Writer| Poet | Producer | Wellness 


June's talent for writing lyrics provides musicians who struggle to put words to their music, with an extension of their creative selves.

June breathes character into music with a sensitivity that captures the essence of the creator's inspiration arranging words ways that ensures lyrics are poetically constructed, and most importantly are rhymable and singable.

SAMPLE:  'Breathe you into me' , JHMusic (2012 copywrite)


Cotton covered canvas

Looking out to sea

Wonder what this feeling is

Coming over me

Caught up in the moment

Moon and stars shine bright

Casting lover shadows

Long into the night


Sinking into pillows

Listening to your breathe

Tracing all your contours

Knowing you’ll soon leave

Can’t believe we’ve come this far

All seems so surreal

Like i’m moving in a dream

Someone else willl steal




So I breathe you into me

Wishing you were free

To hold me in your arms forever

Swept up in your touch

Don’t expect too much

Breathe you into me


Somewhere in the stillness

Lonely dog will bark

Shattering the silence

Moving us apart

Trampling through our dreamtime

How tender is the bite

Of unrequited love

Is it yours or is it mine