June Hayes   
Singer | Songwriter | Lyricist | Writer| Poet | Producer | Wellness 


Drawing from personal experience, June shows that by setting goals and building frameworks to support achieving those goals, anything is possible.

In a fifteen month period from June 2010 to October 2011, June's whole life dramatically changed.   Turned upside down by a series of  losses, the most significant being the sudden accidental death of her son, the course of June's life altered, taking her on a journey that would see her move through the shock and grief of mourning via the creative process, and the uplifting medium of music.

'FROM MOURNING TO MUSIC' is June's inspirational story of personal survival and finding ways to move positively forward in the face of adversity.  

Everyone experiences loss at some stage in life, but how does one cope when a series of losses and the fallout that occurs as a result, overlaps!!

" I actually thought I was coping well.  In hindsight I had put myself on  'auto pilot' mode.  Everything had altered.  Nothing made much sense, yet I kept pushing myself, largely because it was expected, and I knew that if I stopped I would crumble".

Having lost the heart to sing, and recognising the need to take some serious time out to heal, June made the decision to resign from her corporate job, and in 2012 travelled across the other side of the world.  Before she left New Zealand she set a 'big goal' for herself.  This goal turned out to be the life-line that helped her find her way back.

June's story is unique,in that out of such tragedy and loss, something beautiful has been created.

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