June Hayes   
Singer | Songwriter | Lyricist | Writer| Poet | Producer | Wellness 

June Hayes Music  

I love to sing, perform, and produce amazing musical experiences and events whenever there is opportunity.

I'm very fortunate to be able to work with and alongside some of Aotearoa's finest musicians to combine creative talent with professionalism that upholds integrity between musicians and  clients, to ensure everyone enjoys very best musical experience.  Wherever possible I strive to be versatile and adaptable to a clients needs by offering best entertainment choices, without compromising musical performance 'heart'.

The June Hayes Set - duo/trio combination

The June Hayes Set blends vocals, piano or guitar, and double-bass together to deliver smooth manly mainstream jazz infused with classic pops.  An ideal musical ensemble for ambient intimate gatherings, weddings, and cafe styled venues, thehe June Hayes Set is able to adapt performance to either duo/trio combination.

The June Hayes Experience - 4 or 5+ piece combination

The June Hayes Experience Band features a top lineup of musicians performing classic jazz  mixed with contemporary pops, delivered in a variety of styles including swing, bossa nova, pop, rock.  This combination of piano, double-bass, drums,  with the optional inclusion of saxophone or trumpet, blend well in providing best musical support to June's sultry vocal style. Perfect for all kinds of events including weddings, house parties, corporate events,  dine and dance, festivals, or feature performance.

June Hayes - Lyricist/Songwriter

Don't be stuck for words.  If you've written a tune or a series of tunes but struggle to find the words, I can help breathe lyrical essence into your music in ways that captures the essence of your source of inspiration.

I describe writing songs as 'poetry in motion' in that without an idea for a tune or a melody, you still have a long way to travel.  I'll work with you to extract what inspired you to write the tune, apply singer/songwriter techniques, share creative musical ideas, and when agreement is reached, develop and progress the lyric writing process through to  recording completion.


June Hayes -  Wellness Inspirational Speaker & Facilitator

It is possible that something extraordinarily creative can be born of such tragedy and loss!

June's personal journey 'Overcoming Grief - mourning through music' tells how after a series of three major life altering experiences she made some significant life changes and decisions that enabled her to move through the various stages associated with multiple loss and grief, positively harnessing her sadness through creativity.

 By allowing herself time to just 'be' and  giving herself permission to explore a largely untapped creative side of her musical ability, over the  course of twelve months June created a collection of original music filled with poignantly inspirational and in some cases true to life stories, that will resonate and touch the hearts of those who choose to listen.

Her CD 'June Hayes - Journey for the return home', represents "the full-stop at the end of a sentence of grieving, and the capital letter at the beginning of a new chapter in my life".  

June reaches out as an inspirational speaker and intuitive wellness workshop facilitator, offering 'tools' of encouragement, inspiration, and  hope to people who may be struggling to come to terms with  grieving loss of any kind -  the loss of a loved one, loss of self-esteem,  or struggling with feelings of depression.

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