June Hayes  

Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Author ~ Wellness Facilitator

Our Services 

June Hayes Music is committed to creating amazing musical experiences working in collaboration with some of the finest musicians within and beyond Aotearoa, and through adopting a professional approach that upholds the integrity of both the client and the musicians.  

The June Hayes Set (Trio)

The June Hayes Set blends vocals, piano and double-bass together in a smooth cocktail of jazz infused with classic pops.  The perfect combination and ambiance for intimate gatherings, weddings, and cafe styled venues.  The June Hayes Set has been resident band at Manly Bar & Grill, Manly Village, Whangaparaoa since November 2014, and continues to perform on the first Sunday of every month.

The June Hayes Experience (4-5 piece combination)

The June Hayes experience blends a top line-up of musicians together, performing classic jazz  mixed with contemporary pops, delivered in a variety of styles including swing, bossa nova, pop, rock.  The line-up is piano, double-bass, drums, vocals, and saxophone or trumpet.  The perfect choice of entertainment for corporate functions that move from cocktails to dinner to dancing, festival events, or feature acts.

June Hayes - Lyricist/Songwriter

Don't be stuck for words.  If you have written a tune or a series of tunes but are struggling to put words to music as a lyricist I can breathe character into your music in a way that captures the essence of what inspired you to write any particular tune.

I describe writing songs as 'poetry in motion', in that without an idea for a tune or a melody, you still have a long way to travel to 'get there!'  By gaining an understanding of what motivated you to write your creative piece, I will then be able to show you how to apply songwriter techniques and share creative musical ideas with you to consider when developing composition through to recording.

June Hayes - Creative Writer

There is much to celebrate in life, and often it is difficult to find the right words to express what you feel or want to say.  I work closely in all confidence with my clients to create special and 'unique to you' readings for a variety of special occasions including weddings, bereavements, renewing of vows, and much more....  


June Hayes -  Inspirational Speaker

It is possible that something extraordinarily creative can be born of such tragedy and loss!

June's personal journey 'Overcoming Grief - mourning through music' tells how after a series of three major life altering experiences she made some significant life changes and decisions that enabled her to move through the various stages associated with multiple loss and grief, positively harnessing her sadness through creativity.

 By allowing herself time to just 'be' and  giving herself permission to explore a largely untapped creative side of her musical ability, over the course of twelve months June created a collection of original music filled with poignantly inspirational and in some cases true to life stories, that will resonate and touch the hearts of those who choose to listen.

Her CD 'June Hayes - Journey for the return home', represents "the full-stop at the end of a sentence of grieving, and the capital letter at the beginning of a new chapter in my life".  

The journey continues as June reaches out  to encourage, inspire and give hope to others who may be struggling or suppressing the grief that comes with loss of any kind by telling her story, sharing her innermost thoughts and exposing the stages she had to go through to come out the other end of what was a very dark tunnel, and move forward.