June Hayes  

Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Author ~ Wellness Facilitator


June Hayes is a poet, lyricist, and creative writer.  June's powerful, evocative, and flowing style is evident in the lyrics of her original album June Hayes - Journey for the return home

June's writing paints a picture that captures and reflects the moment, memory and mood of a 'story' in a way that is intimate, sincere and easy to relate to.

'People I write for know what they want to say, but find it difficult to express their thoughts in written word, and in a flowing style.  Similarly composers creating amazing tunes are often challenged by, and unable to write a set of lyrics for their compositions.  This is where I come in".

June's creative writing service offers a 'one-to-one', one hour consultation where she will get to know you and your story, and through the creative writing process, produce personal and heartfelt readings for a range of celebrations and ceremonies including weddings, bereavements, naming ceremonies and birthdays.  The piece of writing will be supplied in printed presentation form. 

SAMPLE:  Second Time Wedding 2011, (JHMusic -  copywrite)


We’ve journeyed far on different roads

Experienced life in the company of others

Loved with the abandonment and exuberance of youth

Viewed the world through rose coloured glasses sometimes….

Before we met


We’ve known joy

Faced our share of challenges

Laughed out loud,

Cried silently in the still of the night

Been to places that now seem a distant memory of times shared…

Before we met


Before we met

We were drifting,

Searching for an elusive kind of love

A love that holds the promise of friendship, fun and adventure

A love that respects our individuality

The kind that is honest, and lets you trust enough so you are not afraid to share your deepest thoughts


When our roads crossed we found that kind of love

We’ve taken the time to learn about us

To know who we are, what we want from life

And what we need from each other

We fit together you and I

It’s hard to imagine how life was…

Before we met


Today in this moment, we celebrate us

Our future together, the memories we have yet to make

The richness of a love that continues to mature with time

Together we’ll walk through the seasons

And, in the Autumn of our life, we’ll pull the rug up close under our chins

….Before we push the boat out