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The release of this album represened a culmination of what was a cathartic  twelve month journey of healing and self discovery following the tragic death of my son Hayden, and the sudden loss of my father one year later.  I invite you to enjoy my music.  If you would like to order a copy of the CD please click on the Contact form link.   Cost is $25.00.  Add $5.00 for postage within NZ.

A 'behind the scenes' view of what inspired me to creative my CD 'Journey for the return home'
A 'behind the scenes' view of what inspired me to creative my CD 'Journey for the return home'

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Karanga:  Welcome people to enjoy this musical journey, and acknowledging those who have passed.

Directions:  Tells the story of a young woman finding and forming a relationship with her father.

Do What You Wanna Do:  A piece of advice given to a mother from a son, encouraging her to live the life she wants.

Tui:  Following the tragic death of my son, during the times when I struggled to cope with the immense grief, the Tui would (and on occasion still does) appear.  The Tui is carved into my son’s memorial stone and has come to represent the embodiment of Hayden. 

Taupo Shores
Easy Listening Bossa Nova
05 Taupo Shores 1.mp3 (4.16MB)
Taupo Shores
Easy Listening Bossa Nova
05 Taupo Shores 1.mp3 (4.16MB)
04_Tui_1.mp3 (5.64MB)
04_Tui_1.mp3 (5.64MB)

Taupo Shores:  Written for beautiful Taupo Bay in the Far North, where a walk along the beach cleared writer’s block.

Breathe You Into Me:  The first song penned for the album, and inspired by Russell’s beautiful surroundings, tells the story of lovers ‘caught up in the moment’.

Tomney’s Bar:  Written while in Ireland, about a 300 year old bar in the beautiful village of Moy, where I was made to feel so welcome, where I sang ‘Po karekare ana’ with one of the local ladies who sang it in Gaellic, and where I was gifted the Bhodran drum that is played on the recording.

Navigate:  Written for the crew of the Pacific Voyagers fleet some of whom I met while the voyagers were in Tahiti, all bursting with so many stories to tell that there was a potential risk they could overlook that their loved ones would also have stories to tell.

Red Haired Boy:  Written about my son’s children of whom he was so proud.

Russell.  Written for the town that has given me so much inspiration, love, friendship, and has been the conduit in reconnecting me to my spiritual and cultural self.  It tells the story of the town’s colourful colonial past from a modern day perspective.

Good Friends Like Red Wine:  I can’t imagine how I would have coped without the support and comfort of my very dear friends.  This song was written in appreciation of them; how when I felt myself wanting to slide into some very dark spaces, they lifted me up and helped propel me forward.

Sustainable:  Written soon after the first 2012 Mt Tongariro eruption, this song is a call to action to help protect and save our environment.

Tangaroa:  I have carried this tune around in my head for the best part of three years, and finally it has been written and recorded.  It emulates the mood of the sea from dawn to dusk.  It is dedicated to my Tupuna, some of whom were Captain’s of the first fleet of waka that crossed the ‘Great Water Mountain’ from Hawaiiki to Aotearoa, and to today’s Pacific Voyagers. 




25 JANUARY 2013:  TV One interview - Te Karere with Anzac Pikia






"June, thanks for the CD.  I think its a beautiful project.  I am adding a couple of tracks for a starter and then maybe some more as the album grows on me after some more plays.  Best of luck and congrats.  Regards, Mark".  

Mark Perry,  Mangawhai's Smooth Jazz, 88.1 fm





"Kia ora June.  Nga mihinui o te wa ki a koe.  Thank you so much for giving us a copy o your work.  It's by far superior than some of the music we receive.  Certainly production wise the quality is outstanding, the music is brilliant and your lyrics are very heartfelt.  I absolutely love it.  Can I just add that I particularly enjoy listening to your music in the early evening out on the deck with a nice glass of red.  Truly wonderful and so good for the soul".

Thomas Aperehama, MFM Radio



JANUARY 2013:  Mediaworks:  Jamie Valentine - Rodney Local News

25 JANUARY 2013:  Radio Tautoko FM:  Live to air interview

31 JANUARY 2013:  Radio Waatea:  Live to air interview with Vapi Kupenga

1 FEBRUARY 2013:  Radio Live:  Live to air interview with Ewing Stevens

13 FEBRUARY 2013:  Ngati Hine FM:  Pre-recorded interview with Pita Moon

1 MAY 2013:  Timesfm, Rodney:  Live to air interview

Radio Maniapoto mfm interview with June
Pre-recorded interview
01 radio mfm interview.mp3 (8.24MB)
Radio Maniapoto mfm interview with June
Pre-recorded interview
01 radio mfm interview.mp3 (8.24MB)

Week Commencing 5 MAY:  MFM Radio:  Pre-recorded interview with Thomas Aperehama



22 JANUARY 2013: News story:  Rodney Times 'New album comes after son's death'

24 JANUARY 2013:  News story:  Northland Age 'Music brings the sunlight back'

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APRIL/MAY 2013:  NZ Musician Magazine, Vol 17, 'Fresh Cut' CD review

5 MAY 2013:  Real Life story:  Woman's Day - 13 May Edition: 'In tune with Hayden - My son lives on in a song'.  (My thanks to Aroha Awarau, News Editor, Woman's Day)



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'Journey For The Return Home is a CD that reflects June Hayes personal voyage from loss and dislocation through to a positive resolution.  Starting with a Karakia and ending with a piece entitled Tangaroa, with its melody like the long ocean waves, this CD passes though a number of cultures and through many musical styles.

With her smooth voice June gives us a tight sound  that expresses a wide range of musical experiences while exploring a spectrum of emotions.  Reflecting on her personal life journey, her music is upbeat, positive and uplifting.  She has a uniquely New Zealand voice that calls to mind a soft blend of influences of jazz greats from Ella Fitzgerald through to Cleo Laine.  The whole production, including the backing group is of world standard.

We love the CD and have played it to a number of our friends who agree.'

Pam and Stuart Laird  (Jan 2013)

'I've had June's CD "To Whom It May Concern" for a number of years now and have enjoyed it, but this latest CD of June's to me far surpases her earlier music. I love this! "Journey for the return home" is reflective, sensitive, lively and brings alittle Maori culture into my livingroom that is a real treat, something different. Actually, I catch myself singing along to this and I'm no singer. I say well done June Hayes this is your best work yet and I hope it won't be the last CD'.

Lorraine Browne  (Jan 2013)

'June's music touches at the very heart of your soul and invokes a very special spiritual connection to people, places and her Maori heritage.  Her CD takes the listener on an emotional journey and uplifts and empowers them with the simply magical orchestral - 'Tangaroa' as the finale.  June should be congratulated, it is indeed an outstanding voyage of discovery and overall one of immense achievement'.

Ramona Yerkovich (Jan 2013)

'My husband and I were thrilled when June Hayes requested a room to stay in for another 4 nights!  

June has become a good friend and we appreciate her talent as a beautiful composer and singer.  Imagine our delight when she asked us to the launching of her latest CD.  Fantastic!  And it was a special occasion to be part of her friends and family.

Her CD is inspirational and we play it often as a mood setter or as background for breakfasts and dinner.  

Well done June and good luck'.

Vivienne Morrison, Arapohue House B&B, Russell, Bay of Islands (Feb 2013)

'A brilliant album, music for every taste and mood, bringing together the essence of New Zealand.'

We both continue to enjoy it'.

Hilary & Vincent Watts (Feb 2013)

'What a tremdous CD.  Having the words made it all so clear and what it has meant for you to produce this album.  I have never sat still during the day for so long!!  I particularly loved it because I too have many memories of the B.O.I.  I think the composing and putting together the words and music with the help of the wonderful backup musicians, and the Maori beginning and ending just finishes it all of beautifully.  Tears to the eyes renditions.  Congratulations June and we look forward to hearing a lot more in the future from our lovely friend 'Jazzbird'.

Val Morley & Ray Fussell, Tindalls Bay, Manly, Whangaparaoa  (Feb 2013)

"Love the CD well done. You have an amazing voice very easy to listen to."

Nola E McGowan, Vlatkovich & McGowan, Solicitors, Whangaparaoa (Feb 2013)


"Love the CD, great songs, great singing and hot musicians!  It's a masterpiece!'

John Devlin, Guitarist - Tomney's Bar, The Moy, Belfast, Ireland

 "June your CD is great.  Listened to it on the way home last night.  Loved it!"

Tracy McMillan (May 2013, Mother's Day at The Wade Hotel, Silverdale)


PREVIOUS ALBUM:  'June Hayes - To Whom It May Concern' 

Released in 2001 this album is currently out of stock.   If you are interested in this album please complete the contact form and submit.  Click on Gallery to view CD Cover.